Before becoming the songwriter that we know in France, Jim Yamouridis was the distinguished singer of The Stream,a band he formed in Australia in 1994. Releasing two albums produced by fellow songwriter Conway Savage, of The Bad Seeds, the band became popular in the Melbourne music scene. P.J. Harvey with John Parish notably covered one of Jim’s songs, “The Rider”.

In the early 2000′s, Yamouridis moved to France where he began playing numerous concerts, and recorded his first solo album The Name of This Place. Shortly afterwards, he met guitarist, and producer Seb Martel on a collaborative project, which in turn, led to the production of his following albums, Travelling Blind, and Into the Day. The latter featuring as guest musician, the illustrious Warren Ellis. This period sees Yamouridis working on diverse collaborative projects, highlighted by a Rembetiko project with Nicolas Syros, and tours in Ireland with Conway Savage. His album tours in France, allow him to work with a variety of musicians giving form to a band of regulars: Sarah Murcia (double bass), and Fabrice Barré (bass clarinet), with Seb Martel. Today, we can add the talents of Nicholas Thomas (vibraphone, percussion), Laure Brisa (harp), and Christophe Lavergne (drums) to form what constitutes an imaginatively rich musical lanscape.

In the light of this landscape, in 2013, he recorded his fourth album The True Blue Skies, co-produced by Martel, and Murcia. Song by song, we are taken on a voyage of poetic resonance.

The True Blue Skies is available now HERE.

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